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Sorry guys. I'm really, really sorry. Not only did I get you all worried but I ended up encouraging many of you to sign something. I put up a card saying that BigHit was keeping BTS from their fans, I put it up even though when I tried to look it up online, I didn't find any facts. I feel like a complete idiot for getting so many people worked up. I had seen several cards about it with the link to the petition and believed it because I assumed it was legitimate. Especially since it already had so many signatures. I've never really seen online petitions or dealt with these k-pop rumors and didn't think that people would make something like that up. Sorry for my ignorance. I ended up getting really worried and just wanted to help them, but it could end up being bad for them instead. I just wanted to let you all know that the petition was likely for nothing more than a rumor. A rumor that could end up negatively affecting Bangtan and I really hope it doesn't get farther than that stupid petition. Again, I apologize and I don't think I can really make up for it, but I'm incredibly sorry. I don't know what else to say; so just please let all the ARMYs on Vingle know that it's false and not to sign it.
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It's alright. Well w.e happened happened.
@MadAndrea it's ok bunny! You weren't the only one, I saw stuff about it in a fb group so yea don't feel bad. And really the only thing that matters is that is was a rumor and not true. smile you are forgiven! ☺
it's ok! I mean even elwhen I heard it I couldn't believe and went straight to my sister I didnt look at any facts either ha ha there was just so much shock and if you bring up bts in my house we stop what we are doing and fan girl lol so it's alright anybody could and probably has done it! 힘내세요
lol it's OK it is not your fault
it's okay honey lesson learned!!