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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Today, let us remember the good old days when anime was starting to get popular!

Brave Heart by Ayumi Miyazaki (Digimon / Digimon Tri)

Digimon had as much of an influence in every Otaku's childhood without question. It's remembered because of the variety of Digimons, the epic battles, likable characters, solid story and of course the soundtracks. You can't deny the fact that we all used to sing "Butterfly" and "Digimon Theme Song" all the time in elementary school.


Digital Monsters!

Digimon are the champions!

Hell, you probably read that by singing it in your mind xD
This is the "Updated" version of the song for the new Digimon Tri. Series and even though it's been ages, you can't deny the fact that it's nostalgic. It does however, feel fresh with but that doesn't really matter, it's Digimon and I used to get so excited every time this song came on and them start evolving!
Ayumi Miyazaki the legend is back! He's the reason a lot of the songs were so great and enjoyable and yeah he's old but he is still rocking! I was so hyped when I heard the same songs being used for the new series.

I can only say: Thank You for all the great memories!

Did you get goosebumps and are you watching the new series?

Close your eyes and listen~

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What is guilty crown? I don't understand korean I'm sorry *whistling @RosePark
@littlemaryk lol I just dont like that part of Asia... too difficult T^T Korean just takes time to get used to and Japanese is hard believe. Try speaking with a native its impossible to understand xD Habu yu watuchid "Gilty Curaun" Yetu? Happy? that sounds about right lol ㄱ.ㄱ~~~~
I feek you. Hey, I never said I could understand it, just pronouncing the words is easier haha. I could not keep up in any foreign converstations. I bet it's difficult. Do you ever confuse words and languages when speaking? lolololol, mmm I still can't understand *whistles soooo anyway how about this weather aye? ;p @RosePark
@littlemaryk fair enough and nope, Kr and Jp are similar but only in grammar same as Eng and Spanish, different on the words so no confusion (≥∀≤)/ Dont aye me ―,.― dont you dare run away...I have anime, follow me >:-}
Whoaaa *.* language game too strong. hahaha okay okay okay I will rewatch and finish Guilty Crown..tonight so my memory won't have the chance to fail me. I feel like I'm being lured into a van with candy but it is anime land so it's obviously much more appealing "Follow me to the land of anime mwahahaha" *.* "Did you say anime? Okay senpai whatever you say" lol @RosePark