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Have you ever wondered why you have yet to get chose on your favorite dating app? Yeah, neither have I. But in case you have, it turns out that the hotter your name the more likely it is for sparks to fly. Yes, there is such thing as the hottest names according to dating apps.
According to Tinder's twin app, The Grade, found 15 of the most swipe-able names for both men and women. "Guys named Brett, Tyler, Corey, Andy, and Noah were swiped right by 23-to-24 percent of women. Women are more successful on the app overall, though Briannas are really killing it at a staggering 70 percent." Unfortunately, my name didn't quite make the cut -- which explains a lot. *sings all the single ladies* For those ladies and gentleman who are interested in seeing if their name happened to make the cut, keep scrolling and see for yourself.

15 Hottest Names Of Women On Dating Apps

1.) Brianna
2.) Erika
3.) Lexi
4.) Brooke
5.) Vanessa
6.) April
7.) Natalie
8.) Jenna
9.) Molly
10.) Katie
11.) Laura
12.) Rebecca
13.) Lindsey
14.) Taylor
15.) Aly

15 Hottest Names Of Men On Dating Apps

1.) Brett
2.) Tyler
3.) Corey
4.) Andy
5.) Noah
6.) Shane
7.) Jeffrey
8.) Rob
9.) Frank
10.) Jeff
11.) Zack
12.) Brandon
13.) Nicholas
14.) Greg
15.) Zachary

Did your name make the cut?

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good job @buddyesd! I'm sure it is paying off in a positive manner.
2 years ago·Reply
I'm very suprised at this REALLY suprised. Some of these are so boring to me.
2 years ago·Reply
Lol that makes two of us @BluBear07
2 years ago·Reply
These seem like super typical names 😅 Like there are tons of people in one school with those exact names.....maybe it isn't that these names are eye catching, they are just used more making it seem like they attract people but it's just because everyone has those names ╮(╯▽╰)╭
2 years ago·Reply
you make a very good point. That could be exactly what it is @Sammie97
2 years ago·Reply