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With every season comes a new trend.

It's normal to wake up one day wearing fringe and the next day, the new craze is fur. Keep the trends in rotation and mix things up, that's where the fun comes in. Although trends can be fun and can add a lot of life to your life, some trends just don't do it for most.
What you might like someone else might not, but this past year a lot of trends actually won the hearts of many including myself. We've seen it all this year and let's be honest, we loved every bit. To see the fashion trends that women all over embraced and fell madly in love with this year according to Verdi, star of TLC’s “Brides Gone Styled”, keep scrolling.


Verdi Says: "It’s classic but versatile."

Flat mules.

Verdi Says: "This shoe style has gone from the bedroom to the boardroom. Comfortable shoes are trending. Designers are starting to show shoes that are easy on the eye and easy on the foot. Interest comes from fabric."


Verdi Says: "There’s always one color that pulls ahead. This season, it’s orange in all variations. Women constantly look to add something new to their wardrobe. Color is one of those trends that can make a dramatic shift. Orange pairs well with gray, navy and camel, he said, Bare shoulder look. The X-style silhouette is flattering for most women, especially those who still want to cover their arms."


Verdi Says: "The bigger, the better."


Verdi Says: "It’s accenting everything from boots to bags to clothing. Fringe accessories are an easy way to embrace the trend."


Verdi Says: "Pieces normally relegated to the bedroom are getting their day in the sun, he said. These items have gone form the privacy of the bedroom to the party. Look for influences in evening wear, too."

What was your favorite trend this year?

What was your most worn trend this year?
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