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This card is for my new friend windfox. He is a cute artic twin tail fox. As pictured above. He is single, BTW @windfox
Accept that Foxy has an extra tail, as pictured above. Except not as weird because it is attached to him. Hahaha
Foxy likes to play games like any other fox. But, he loves gaming. Playing stuff like Ratchet and Clank & Assassins Creed.
Foxy's favorite Anime is Heaven's Lost Property because he is a huge pervert. Just kidding about the pervert...
Artic fox pups are the cutest. So Kawaii! Don't you just want to hugzies them furever?
There are also Red fox's. (subliminal picture) Aren't they a nice couple?
There are Grey fox's. (another subliminal picture)
The ever adorable Fennec fox. (last subliminal picture)
My personal favorite is the Kitsune! The nine tailed spirit fox. I would love to have one as a friend. Yeah, I'm weird that way.
There are currently 12 species of fox, 25 are extinct. Fun fact, the female fox is called a vixen. Isn't that so Kawaii? In Japan there is a place called Fox Village. You can watch fox's play and eat. You can also feed and pet all the fox's except for the ones in the nursery. Don't you want to go to Japan and go there? Here's the link to a video about Fox Village I hope that Foxy likes the card I have made him and I hope all of you others enjoy this card! You can talk about the kind of fox you are or the Fox you like in the comments. Talk about Fox Village in Japan or whatever.
i love nine tail foxes! I wanted one so bad as a kid!
I don't think u r weird actually i wish i could have supernatural creatures as friends u know. Weird is awesome
no @AnimeGamer it fine and I actually liked the show the end was extremely sad
Yep @ShinigamiSan they have Shrines dedicated to the spirits and there was one I went to that had Kitsune Udon once you reached the top
If you do, go during April/May for the Sakura Matsuri (cherry blossom festival) and if Japanese is hard to learn for ya stay towards the major cities as most of the cops will help lost travelers (And are very nice!)
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