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This is literally what my writing class is like. Like I got in trouble for actually criticing someone's work, and I got kicked out for writing class and it's just...... When someone critics you it's because they're trying to help you, and to get mad is just stupid. If it's just that ONE person don't worry about it. He might be the only one willing to tell you how he actually feels about your writing, and feel lucky Do you know how much I want people to tell me how they actually feel and all I get is "oh, it's good." And that's it. What's good? What characters do you like? What's your favorite part? Is it a logical and ethical story line etc etc The truth is being so smothered right now we're all gaining this soft sensitive skin that says." Fragile: treat with caution."
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^^^ already ahead of you. I'm kicked out XD
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I'm saving this video for every single time someone starts giving me crap about homeschooling. I can tell you this, though, @KiraHitomi. Your classmates are in for a rude awakening. I am constantly having to question and criticize other writers. (I get Paid to do this?! Lol) Most understand that I am simply trying to make their work better, more compelling, and successful. However, some are ridiculously difficult. Trust me when I say that it does Not help their chances of receiving a contract. At all. If I can't work with, question, and even, yes, criticize (constructively, of course) a writer, then I can't help them. If I can't help them, then why would I even think about giving them money and a contract?! These entitled, spoiled children are going to have to wake the heck up someday. Smh.
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@ButterflyBlu message me please
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I agree with you @KiraHitomi. Writing workshops are no help at all if you can't offer and receive constructive criticism. That's how we all get better! I hope your professor and classmates realize their mistake, or else as @ButterflyBlu says they're definitely in for a rude awakening...
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@FrankOrozco, the dude in the movie reminds me of you! Lol
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