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If they aren't in your bag, they're on your wrist.

I'm talking about a girl's best friend when it comes to her hair. No, not her bobby pins -- but her hair ties. Second to bobby pins these hair accessories are just as easy to misplace and that's why for years women have been leaving them on their wrist as a reminder. Nothing harmful about that, right? Wrong. A Kentucky woman had an experience that said otherwise after leaving her hair tie around her wrist for some time. "According to WLKY, Louisville local Audree Kopp noticed a bump on her wrist growing bigger and bigger. Though she was prescribed a course of antibiotics from her doctor, it continued to enlarge and become inflamed, so she went to the emergency room. It was there that she learned her glittery hair tie had caused three kinds of infections in her wrist."
Surgery was immediately performed on Kopp. If it hadn't, things could've taken a turn for the worse. As we all know bacteria leads to sepsis and sepsis doesn't have any positive outcomes. Ladies, maybe it's best you rethink the next time you pop a hair tie around your wrist. It's not worth an infection or even worse.
her name switched around is K-Pop...
I cannot keep a hair tie long enough for it to collect bacteria LOL I lose them ALL THE TIME! πŸ˜•
@jordanhamilton I would but people (I will not say women because there are guys with long hair too) have been putting those on their wrist for years and it's a rare case.
dude I have a hair tie on my wrist right now 😢
I'm curious to how tight that hair tie was. That's just insane.
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