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Everyone thinks OPM can beat goku but in my opinion he couldn't even beat gohan, let a lone Vegeta or Goku.
Goku can move at the speed of light as a kid, imagine how fast he is now, it takes more then one punch to even make goku take you seriously. JS.
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@PrinceCampbell lol we never even see saitama use half of a half of he's power
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馃hmmmm I see 馃憜馃徑馃槯I will watch this anime 馃槕and I will prove Goku is superior 馃槕mark my words
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saitama can beat all the z fighters born from eart ezcept gohan and goten an trunks. but lets be real. can he point a finger at yje ground and blow the hole damn planet up?
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@TerrelCrawford nods head.......true words
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