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Inuyasha was the very first anime I watched. I remember when it first premiered on Cartoon Network. Back then, I was a little girl who immediately fell in love with it. The characters & story entranced me and I've been hooked on anime ever since. =)
The first Inuyasha opening. For those who're curious or looking to feel some nostalgia.
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black butler
2 years ago·Reply
@KennethKalgren I'm short the last 2 seasons lol
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@kamijo I didn't even realize I had seen it before until it reached the arc with the fight tournaments, but the last two seasons are the best tbh
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Oh, I certainly remember that. It was the English version of "Space Battleship Yamato", a.k.a, " The star blazers". It was shock and awe. It influenced my aesthetic world very deeply.
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