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Happy Birthday to Princess Jin!!
Jin is my little sisters ultimate bias and he makes her smile all the time and I can't express how thankful I am that she has someone like him to love and make her smile already, it will help when she's older I'm sure
Look at him, he's perfect!! Just look at him!!!!
Flawless Jin, Happy Birthday! We all love you sooooooo so very much and hope you have an absolutely wonderful day full of love and joy:)
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I can't stop listening to it. It's so good. Jin gave me some serious chills while listening to this. Ugh. I'm never gonna be able to choose a favorite in BTS. LOL
2 years ago·Reply
@ChelestiEdwards I want to listen to it all day now!! He gave me serious feelings, I can't change my bias again aha
2 years ago·Reply
@ladygdragon I thought J-Hope was my bias when I first started listening to BTS but then like Suga and Kookie, and Rap Mon, Jin, Jimin and V... I can't decide anymore.
2 years ago·Reply
Happiest birthday Jinnnnnn!!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@ChelestiEdwards at first V was my bias and then Suga changed that and now I don't know anymore
2 years ago·Reply