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So when I was young, I was all fit and skinny. But now I'm just fat , do how do you guys stay fit and healthy?
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@josuebarrera sure thing ^_^
I was just about to tag @alywoah, I'm late. But mind over matter is the way I look at it! And portion control. Helped me along the way!
Winter sucks if you're skinny. Wait til spring!
I signed up for a 10k a few years back and I set my mind on that and that helped me to workout and get ready for the race!
Everything the others said. I worked in the health & fitness industry for a few years & worked with clients one on one. You should be looking at it like a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet. Sustainable changes are what's going to achieve long term results. Eats LOTS of non starchy veges (so limited potato, sweet potato, pumpkin & corn) & portion control the other food groups. Fitness goals are amazing. And muscle burns more cal/kjs than fat does so the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism. So weights (and cardio) are great. But the focus should be on feeling better, the weight loss will naturally follow. And to glue everything together, mindset is key. You have to believe you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. On days you're just not 'feeling it', that's normal & that's where routine comes in. There are so many health benefits to not carrying extra weight, even just more energy is a big one, so it's ultimately not a punishment, it's an amazing set of rewards. Set small goals along the way though to keep the momentum going (cause we are habitual creatures & habits are hard to break so don't confuse my words to imply it's easy as pie. No pun intended. Lol.) Give yourself non food related rewards e.g. a massage if you stick to what you'd planned for the week or the f'night or month or whatever you decide works as an incentive & you'll be FEELING great in no time. :-)