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Gianluigi Bonnarumma is 16 years old.

And he's the starting goalkeeper for AC Milan.

No, seriously.

The Italian took over for accomplished veteran Diego Lopez -- yes, that Diego Lopez, the one who played for Real Madrid -- and has taken AC Milan's starting job and run with it. He hasn't looked back since making his first start in October.
Despite his crazy young age, Donnarumma has been praised by scouts and players alike for his huge frame and amazing reactions. He has already made some crazy saves and is saving points for AC Milan match after match with his acrobatic style.
While it's certainly early in the career of the 16-year old, comparisons to Italian great Gianluigi Buffon are abound.
Buffon has been the goalkeeper for Italy's national team for years and years, but at 40 years old it looks like his career is coming to an end (even though he is still playing at a very high level).

Italians have something to look forward to, though, as it seems they have another keeper ready to fill Buffon's shoes for the next TWO DECADES.

The amount of security a 16-year old superstar can afford a team is just crazy. If AC Milan play their cards right, they could have a top class keeper for the next twenty years. Done. Locked up.
So, my question for you, football fans, is:

What were you doing at age 16?

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Not too much......but it would've been cool to play for a club like AC Milan haha