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During the time when I was powerlifiing training at my university's weight room, I set myself up for a weighted squatted. My stomach was feeling awful, so I decided not to use my lifting belt to reduce any discomfort from my mid-section. As I rested the bar on my traps, my stomach squeezed and cramped -- but I just ignored it. I had squats to do.
As I squatted down, I let go the nastiest fart known to man. Lucky for me, the powerlifting gym already smelled like sweaty private parts and moldy socks -- so I was good. I am sure a few of my teammates heard me let it rip, but if they did, they didn't say anything.

What's your most embarrassing gym story?

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i work in universty gym as a trainer and during zomba dance one of the trainees dancing like tribal dance and singing and shouting loudly in the middle of the trainees amezment
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Hey, bro. Sometimes you just gotta fart.
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I know right?! @danidee
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I haven't had one yet much to my amazement since I'm clumsy by nature. So I'm guessing there is one in store for me in the near future 馃槀.
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dumb lady lol :-
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