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So If you guys haven't noticed there are 3 sides of GD Onstage/offstage and one more beautiful side is thought id share the differences with you all

First We Have GDragon

GDragon is the extremely sexy onstage heartbreaker that we all know and love very much! Just one look at him and you'll reconsider your whole life! I mean GD is one sexy person and he knows how to kill the ladies

Next we have Jiyongi

I love every side of GD but this is my absolute favorite side! Jiyongi is the most adorably shy human being that you just want to squeeze and love forever! He gets soo nervous and it's the cutest thing ever! Jiyongi is also a far cry from the sexy GD we all know and love a lot! He is my innocent little human and I refuse to think otherwise

Last is 지용씨(jiyongshi)

Although it seems similar to Jiyongi this side of Gd is the extremely casual and adorable yet sexy GD ! Nothing is better than GD in a tshirt in jeans! For some reason it's both extremely attractive to me and at the same time adorable, jiyongshi is also my favorite side because it's Jiyong in his rawest form and i would honest be extremely happy if he dressed casual all the time!

Sooo which side is you favorite?

(I know it can be a trick question because I love them all)
If the first one is the most sexy one, and the second one is the most adorable one, and the third one is a mixture of the first and second..... Eff it, taking them all.....
I see your game.. BUT if I had to choose it'd be Jiyong~ssi. I feel it's him at his truest form that we can see.
I love all sides of him. But when he's all shy is my absolute favorite. Because that's how he is off stage. In most of his interviews and tv appearances. It's adorable and humbling how someone so successful and powerful is still timid, shy, and respectful.
Oppa has a new tattoo! I hadn't seen the one on his neck before. When did he get it? Anyone know?
All sides!!!
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