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It's time to pay tribute to the Prince of Mischief...

We all love Loki here. Like... a lot. And since the Mercs have an awesome fan club for Deadpool, it seems like it's high time for us to have one of our own! What do we say?

How do we start?

Let's brainstorm some fun events in the comments! @amobigbang has been doing an awesome Thorsday event, and @BeannachtOraibh did some cool cards about the history of Tricksters in mythology. Let's keep going! What should we do? Fic recs? Gif challenges? THE WORLD IS OUR OYSTER.

I know you're out there tricksters!

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@MarvelTrashcan ooooh that's a great idea! I definitely need some more Loki-centric fic recs :D we could do a rec exchange!
@shannon15 sounds fun!
Awesome! I'll try to make a list and then we can each claim something, how does that sound @ReadAnimateSwim @MarvelTrashcan @LadyLuna ?
@shannon15 Great idea.
@shannonl5 love it!