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If you've never thought of wearing pants on your wedding dress, maybe this Ines Di Santo design will change your mind. The combination of the tulle peplum bodice and the illusion-lace legging pants makes this an interesting duo, especially for your wedding day.
But I gotta say it: I love it! I love it when designers create new and interesting ways of wearing that epic wedding day outfit, whether it's a dress, pants, or both.
Would you dare to walk the aisle in pants like this? Please let me know your thoughts, comments and whatnot.
In the meantime, be sure to click here for more Ines Di Santo gowns that will leave your breathless! (YES!--they're all gowns. No pants.)
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I love that. Since I'm a tomboy, it seems like something I would wear to my wedding ceremony. But...since I want to look elegant for the actual wedding, I would wear a wedding skirt over it.
I think I would rather wear a traditional dress, but this is a really beautiful take on a wedding dress!
I actually really dig it! not sure whether or not I'd wear it at my wedding. Nice option though ^.^
would be nice to have a removable skirt then ware the pants to the reception.
great idea @pandorajade