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It's time for us to get to know each other! I borrowed this idea from @shannonl5 XD Here's how it works: You leave the number to the corresponding question you'd like me to answer. The catch? Once I answer it, you have to share your own answer! It's awesome, trust me
Here are the questions: 1. First anime you loved? 2. First comic you loved? 3. Last anime you watched? 4. Last comic you read? 5. Do you prefer manga or American comics? 6. Favorite cosplay? 7. Favorite place to Cosplay? 8. Favorite comic book villain? 9. Favorite anime villain? 10. Do you have more comic book merch or more anime merch? 11. Hobbies? 12. "Enter your own question here xD" Tag you're it XD @shannonl5 @DarthRevan @BrittanyBaldwin @RyanOgg @Quietone @Nicolejb @RKA916 @Lorena13 @ShikaZwiez @Mymi @Danidee @SamTheMallow
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Just for those interested I'll post the answer the questions 2, 4, and 6. 12 is ask anything so I can't answer that XP 2. First comic I loved was I believe Xmen, freinds dad collected them XP 4. last one I read was a Deadpool family comic I own and recently found again. 6. Kakashi is fun but I have a Spidey jacket with the mask I wear everywhere so I'll have to say Spidey because I enjoy taking fun pics dressed as him XD
oh looks like I forgot number 7, but that's easy because it's everywhere lol as I like to say "Every day can be a holiday when you cosplay." XD
#12 kinkiest fantasy, fulfilled or not, possible or not
@GinTenma The girl I was first ever with wore a color, cat ears, tail and corset as a sexy neko girl XP
Only way it would've been better is if she had one of those bigger long sleeve shirts that only cover one sholder. She already had the glasses XP