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Boogers are crunchy when they dry out. Sometimes, the loudness of the sky makes my eyes bleed. I only like the scum that collects around the edge of the pond, but I can't expect someone to touch my feet if Im still singing. Why are the birds in pants if Mars is populated? I dont understand thermodynamics enough to build a walkway, but I still like to lay stone. If only she knew how badly I want to cook for her, but we eat rabbits in my village, so I dont think dancing is the healthiest practice for my heart. I wonder if trees ever get mourning wood...
@alywoah Understanding is a funny concept to me. Like, what is there to understand? Probably everything, anything, all of the above and below as well as the in between. But why? To make sense of that which you attempt to understand? Why doesn't it already make sense, since no sense is nonsense, literally. My lack of understanding is now my understanding of lack, lacking understanding being understood. No matter what I want to understand, I must first understand why I don't understand it. If I can't understand that, then I don't think there's much else to understand after that =b
this. I loved it. the fact that I understood every little thing although I understood nothing at all made it all the more perfect.
Lol. @KozmOsis there are no words...
I expect every person to touch my feet while I'm singing.
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