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No matter how bad your day is going, I’m willing to bet Spike’s going much worse.
Spike Lee’s the latest victim of a public dragging via Twitter when he was the guest of honor for #AskSpike on Wednesday. Things went left quickly as Twitter users started hammering the director over his controversial new film Chi-Raq.
This was a bloodbath.
Fans hopped on Social Media to share this distaste with the film.

"Did you really think that calling it a satire would save you from getting this work? #AskSpike

"This dude has peddled this "what about black on black crime" one too many times in too many interviews w/out pushback. #askspike"
"How easy was it for you to erase the millions of hours Black women from Chicago have spent organizing around gun violence? #AskSpike"
Tough day to be Spike Lee.
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I feel like this shouldn't come as a surprise. He's always been a controversial figure and the movie was very divisive, did they expect everyone to hold back?