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Apple is about to tread into murky waters.
Billboard reports that Apple is considering nixing the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, which is due out next year. Sources suggest that the company wants the new generation of phones to be thinner—possibly by as much as 1 mm—in which case the headphone jack might take up too much space.

Is Apple seriously trying to phase out the aux cord?

If the jack gets phased out, users' headphones would beam in audio via Apple's Lightning cable, eliminating another analog aspect of listening.
My thing is, what's the worth of an iPhone if you're passed the aux cord and can't even plug in? The aux cord is a way of life in cars right now. I think this would sway a lot of people away from the new product.
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I'm with @marshalledgar on this one. It would be a bad move. For sure.
Well the iPhone 6s is as far as I'm going; no more updates for me.
I can't afford an iPhone anyway so it don't matter to
Me (dam Android)