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Rings come in a variety of classifications. These may be considered cocktail rings, and that's fine, but these would make for just-as-stunning engagement rings! Keep scrolling to see three dynamic rings that are truly unforgettable and drool-worthy. All are exclusive to Buccellati.
Cocktail ring in white gold, with rhombs and triangles in yellow gold set with yellow diamonds. Centering an oval bezel in yellow gold set with an aquamarine. Scalar stem, “ornato” engraved.
48 yellow diamonds cts. 1,02
112 round brilliant-cut diamonds cts. 2,25
1 faceted aquamarine cts. 22,60
Offered by Buccallati
Cocktail ring with pale opal set in a white gold bezel, adorned with white and yellow diamonds on a yellow gold band. Stone of the imagination and creativity par excellence, the opal is very much loved for its plays of light deriving from the amount of water it contains, and it is a stone that brings inspiration and strengthens memory.
Offered by Buccellati
A white ranunculus is composed of 10 rose-cut diamonds arranged like petals around a dazzling rose-cut diamond at its center. The pagoda-shaped ring is embellished with a lovely lacy edge and tiny gold spheres, while miniscule palmettos are engraved on the base of the ring. Spring is truly full of sparkle.
Offered by Buccellati
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