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Today, December 3rd is superjkob's birthday. He is a new friend of mine. However, he might not do anything for his birthday =( I like to make people happy, so I am asking everyone to please wish superkob a Happy Birthday and to encourage him to celebrate his birthday! Please comment on this card!
superjkob likes Gintama
I have not seen it yet, but it looks crazy fun!
superjkob also likes One Punch Man
One Punch Man looks Hellas funny!
I couldn't resist adding this One Punch Man picture. It's so Kawaii!
Cake for EVERYONE! Enjoy your birthday superjkob! Today you were brought to this world and I am glad we met. So please go out and celebrate yourself and everything that is special about YOU! PLEASE everyone join me in wishing superkob a Happy Birthday! @superjkob
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Oookaaay then馃槵 I could also just threaten them with my chainsaw death scythe
2 years agoReply
lol @LilianaZeferino I think that should be your main weapon 馃槀 when do we proceed -_-?
2 years agoReply
OMG Lilia, now I just love you to death... Mwahahaha You had me at chainsaw death scythe @LilianaZeferino
2 years agoReply
Anytime @superjkob and red is the color of fiery passion and I am flaming馃槅 @AnimeGamer
2 years agoReply
ok Christmas can be every day is fine by me (if you never leave, we can live like this forever, it's fine by me-Andy Grammer. it's a song if no one gets my random singing) as long if you don't sing Christmas music nonstop. I'm love your weapon choice *puppy eyes* can I try it out
2 years agoReply