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This is the funniest father-son interaction videos I have seen in 2015.
The dad who stars in the video is Queenzflip and he has gathered up quite a collection of Instagram videos taken from inside his car. In all of the clips, he rages out to hip-hop as he flies down the road, and one of his children humors him.
In this particular clip, Mr. Queenzflip rocks hard to “Ante Up” by M.O.P. featuring Busta Rhymes. He flings his son’s cereal into the back seat and rocks the car back and forth. From the look on his son's face, he is entirely too comfortable with these wild (and funny) moments from dad.

For the love of god, someone take the aux cord from pops. Please!

As awesome as this relationship seems, his Dad better keep his crazy ass vision on the Road and not on his Kid. Good way to kill yourselves in a nice Accident. >_> But it was pretty darn funny. It's not like I haven't goofed off in the car before so I ain't mad at 'em.
This is hilarious, and yet, I would be terrified to ride in a car that dad's driving lol.