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Can you guess which Vera Wang this cake was inspired by? Many of you may or may not know, but I used to turn my nose up at Vera Wang bridal. I know, I know...what was I thinking, right?! Well, I have recently made a huge turn-about and am loving Wang's latest collections. You can see them by clicking here.
But I wanted to share this elegant two-tier cake with you all because this is yet again, proof that you don't need a 30-pound, 30-tier wedding cake to make an impression. The pink, black and gray color palette looks stunning and works great together. I love the chic low-elevation cake pedestal too. You get a fun vibe about the couple when you see their cake topper is all about romance and love.
The cake was created by Jessica Ting of Miss Shortcakes in Malaysia. Watch her tutorial below to see a portion of how she recreated Vera Wang's infamous gown ruffle out of rolled fondant!
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These beautiful wedding cake almost make me wish I at least had a boyfriend to legitimize me fantasizing about my wedding cake lol
awe. I'm single too @vivianamorales 😉 can u tell I love wedding cakes too? I've posted a million of them on Vingle lololol
@marshalledgar just a little lol I love them all some just look to pretty to eat though I
when they're too pretty to eat, it's pure magic @vivianamorales