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I drew him on a free Photo editing software called GIMP. It does everything that Photoshop does, without the price. So for all you other Digital Artists, I highly recommend GIMP. **PLEASE DON'T STEAL! It has my signature!
Name: Gio and Fragnarok Age: 14 Fandom: Soul Eater This is Gio, the younger brother of Crona. Gio started as a homeless orphan living on the streets of Death City. However, Medusa "saved" Gio from off the streets, and raised him as her own for many years. Gio praised Medusa as his saviour and practically worshipped her as a Goddess. He willing went through experimentation with demonic blue blood, with is melted magic demonic ore from the ancient Irish Sea God's sword, Fragnarok. The experimentation drove him insane, but he still kept his love of Medusa. His weapon of choice is Fragnarok's blue claws on his fingers, and he's a very haughty, animalistic fighter.
Man if only death the kid could meet him, he'd have a fit XD *im on episode 5 don't say too much*
@ShinigamiSan um...ok I'll try and find it. It's some where with all my drawings
I have like one soul eater oc
Yep. I love to rp. It's fun to rp with other people's OCs too! @TreverMoon
So you role played gio that's pretty frickin sweet
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