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Through the looking glass what do I see? Future, present and the past; deep into my being eyes reflective like said glass. A bronzed torso as valuable as gold, nose rounded to cool the fire in my soul. Heart bumping, chest thumping veins carrying the cells that care for me. Sharp jaw line, eyes align to see a grin that's so divine. I smile in appreciation of life's simplicity, cheeks have so much elasticity. Braided kinks and curls protrude the crown, true wealth in self worth I've finally found, when you speak of self love some work to keep you gagged and bound. So long as I look within I will keep myself abound.
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What kind of change are you focusing on @Theearliestbird? I'm working on positive energy!
@nicolejb To be a better being I suppose, I've learned a lot of things over the years that a certain faction would've liked to have kept under wraps. When learning these truths if you will it can make me angry, depressed, anxious and a host of a sorts of negative feelings. With that said I've also learned a lot of positive things as well and I try to focus on that while still being aware of the negative. Positive energy is one thing I'm working on as well as staying aware, whether it's of social issues or my own well being.
I love awareness! @Theearliestbird do you practice mindfulness?
@nicolejb I do. I try to stay mindful of my feelings and others as they have an impact on this universe in a more powerful way than we're aware of. It can be difficult though with all the distractions in this life.
I'm with you on that Theearliestbird