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Why so Many Ppl left during Big Bang's Acceptance
I've been reading about hoe Youngbae said that he was disappointed that there were not many ppl there to share BB'S moment with when they won their award. Even VIPS were pissed at what was happening. I found this statement on YG'S page on Facebook and their website. They basically said the show ended later than scheduled and artists had to catch their already planned flights for work the next day.

I hope this is true....I hope ppl weren't being haters.


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every body loves big bang I don't think anyone did dat bcs they were being disrespectful they all had packed schedules awww nd if that taeyang is dat upset I will hug him cheer up taeyang we r all super glad u all won the best artist you all completely deserve it saranghhae bigbang 馃挐馃挐馃挐馃挐
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I don't think anyone was trying to be disrespectful or that Taeyang was trying to call anyone out. He probably meant that if the awards had went to plan he could have had more people to celebrate with cause who don't want a party all the time. People have work and he more than anyone would understand that.
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oh my god. y'all are leaving me behind. I haven't watched the mama yet but I have the link to it and I will watch it but I hope there was no real mean intentions I mean hello we all know our idols they won't just walk out like that and since they gave explanation to even clarify their position I'm so glad.
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Everyone shall read this. It is crucial to clear Taeyang's name and ended the fanwars regarding this issue. I am truly disapointed with those who interpreted his words in a wrong way. the same goes to those who bash other groups for not staying back when BB won the award. I am a multifandom fangirl and I loathe whenever I saw tweets or posts of fandoms bashing one another. Ugh. I thought when Seungri sat on Sehun's lap, these fanwars had ended? Anyway @shantalcamara enjoy watching mama soon!
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I saw something about his comment earlier today and how apparently everything ended an hour later than planned. From what I read, someone had said that "Taeyang needs to keeps his mouth shut" or something along those lines. It really did seem odd to me at first that someone would say that but, I mean, I really am glad that it doesn't seem like too many people are taking this too seriously and in the wrong direction. I mean, winning artist of the year at any award ceremony is a huge deal and especially for Big Bang with them all going into the army soon. This will probably be their last award as a group until all of them get their army time completed. It's really just a big deal for so many different reasons and I can totally understand why it would be disappointing not to have everyone there to celebrate with, but I can also understand that everyone had schedules. It's just good that the show went without hitch for running so late.
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