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Thursday: Nail Obsession!

Not sure if there's a full moon or something, but I came across some nails that I seem to be obsessing over (in my head)! What is the deal?! Tell me your thoughts on these nails. I am ALL ABOUT IT! Totally feeling the colors, the textures and the patterns. I see these nails being super chic with the right wedding gown (if you're getting married), or for that special occasion. Of course, you can have killer nails for no reason at all!
Black and mauve makes this so relevant for Fall and Winter! Look at the geometric angles. You can't say no to this one ladies. It's by unistella_by_ek_lab on Insta.
More black. But this time, just the tips, with the exception of the ring fingers, where the black hovers at the cuticles. That glossy shine is like glass! Love that perfect nude pink. I could stare at these nails ALL DAY, which were designed by nailsannie on Insta.
Gold glitter and mylar set with sheer pink gloss! This is another stunning nail design that is funky, flirty and has great reflective quality through the use of the mirror-finish gold particles. Notice that the glitter isn't stacked or clumped!--it's placed strategically so they don't overlap! That is patience if I ever saw it! Of course, this design is by the uber talented, nail_unistella on Insta.
Thoughts? Did these designs spark a desire for you to get your own nails done? Are you just as obsessed with these as me?! Let me know. Tell me all about it. Which is your favorite. For other ideas about beauty and makeup, be sure to click here and follow me!