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You're still not allowed to say 'all of them'!

We talked about our favorite live-action Marvel TV series this week, but a few people brought up the animated series. And with all the cool Teen Titans rumors, it seems like we should include all of the comic-book inspired cartoons in our discussion!

Teen Titans

@MichaelOgg @AstonMiller @OtakuDemon10 @merryjayne13 and I got all nostalgic for them this week. This show was amazing, hopefully the rumors are true and they're working on a live-action adaptation!


NOSTALGIA. This show got me into the comics... and the rest is pretty much history.


Even after all these years this show is probably my favorite Batman adaptation. @LindaHart reminded me how much I love it this week :D


Ah yes, the source of all the memes. Whether you love the first one, the 90s series, or the current one (with a few appearances from Miles!), Spidey's animated series are definitely classics.

Justice League

That slo-mo though. Not to mention all the quips and one-liners. The Marvel live action movies are famous for that now, but JL had it down in the early aughts.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Kinda goofy but still awesome :D

Any I missed?

I'm not even a little caught up on GotG so I can't say much for it. @SeintoSeiya @RobertMarsh @jellybee @kararhory @FreeWill666 @DonovanMoore @DarthRevan @LAVONYORK @KarleyFrance @KristianHampton @Cat182BB @Lawlpool @JustinMims21 @Bakuman247 @MoisEsGaray @KaraHevner @BiblioLady @Raadhiyah @kneelb4zod @BeannachtOraibh @SamuraiKillaJ there's got to be some that I'm missing. If I forgot your favorite I'm really sorry!
Oh I'm from these I'd say teen titans 馃榿
X-men 90,s
I loved the Teen Titans series.
Justice League Unlimited
Guardians of the Galaxy, justice league unlimited, young justice, new avengers, iron man: extremis
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