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You're still not allowed to say 'all of them'!

We talked about our favorite live-action Marvel TV series this week, but a few people brought up the animated series. And with all the cool Teen Titans rumors, it seems like we should include all of the comic-book inspired cartoons in our discussion!

Teen Titans

@MichaelOgg @AstonMiller @OtakuDemon10 @merryjayne13 and I got all nostalgic for them this week. This show was amazing, hopefully the rumors are true and they're working on a live-action adaptation!


NOSTALGIA. This show got me into the comics... and the rest is pretty much history.


Even after all these years this show is probably my favorite Batman adaptation. @LindaHart reminded me how much I love it this week :D


Ah yes, the source of all the memes. Whether you love the first one, the 90s series, or the current one (with a few appearances from Miles!), Spidey's animated series are definitely classics.

Justice League

That slo-mo though. Not to mention all the quips and one-liners. The Marvel live action movies are famous for that now, but JL had it down in the early aughts.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Kinda goofy but still awesome :D

Any I missed?

I'm not even a little caught up on GotG so I can't say much for it. @SeintoSeiya @RobertMarsh @jellybee @kararhory @FreeWill666 @DonovanMoore @DarthRevan @LAVONYORK @KarleyFrance @KristianHampton @Cat182BB @Lawlpool @JustinMims21 @Bakuman247 @MoisEsGaray @KaraHevner @BiblioLady @Raadhiyah @kneelb4zod @BeannachtOraibh @SamuraiKillaJ there's got to be some that I'm missing. If I forgot your favorite I'm really sorry!
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@kneelb4zod true it must have been difficult for them to compete when there were already so many taking people's attention. I wonder if that would be as much of a problem if it had come out today since so many people stream
@shannonl5 I'd watch the shit out of a live or animated Silver Surfer if it was on Netflix and it had at least 26 episodes.
@kneelb4zod that would be perfect!!!!! Netflix has done great so far they gotta get on that
there is just no way to pick between Justice League, Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, Original X-men, X-men Evolution, Young Justice, Teen Titans. I just can't pick.
@purplem00n23 to be fair it is a really tough choice! Some of my favorite moments came from Justice League, but Static is one of my favorite characters. And then I grew up on Spidey and X-men... yeah it's hard XD