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Part 3 in the G-Dragon anatomy study.... his HANDS! I personally find his hands to be really attractive. Do you?
Now, keep in mind, some of these images include other parts of GD's body... his face for instance. We are not looking at those other parts. I know that's going to be real hard for some of us, but it must be done. We are focusing on his hands. Got it?
They are beautiful, aren't they? He has such long fingers, slender yet manly fingers. You can tell the boy moisturizes because his hands are smooth and always look in tip top shape. I'm kind of jealous. My hands don't look that good.
Whether they are completely blinged out, sporting nail polish, caressing his own face or that of one of his members (BIGBANG, get your mind out of the gutter!), tangled in his hair, making for funny/cute Instagram posts, throwing the peace sign and covered in tattoos (real and fake), his hands are spectacular. They may just be one of my favorite GD features. They are uniquely his. I can always pick out his hands in pictures. Even when his tattoos aren't visible. Let's just admire for a moment.
As if we actually needed proof he chews his fingernails. And man, does he get them down to an almost painful-looking length! But they are always nicely manicured. You'll never see a jagged edge on these fingers.
Okay, now what specifically is it about his hands??? It's his mannerisms. The exact way he moves them. They way he bends his fingers. Yes, THE WAY THE BOY BENDS HIS FINGERS makes me swoon. It's specific to him and him only. It's kind of weird. Yeah, I know. I'm a weirdo. I embrace it.
And here's the one thing that gets my heart really going... It's so specific. And only he does it in this manner. I love it, I don't know why. It probably wouldn't even matter that it's him and his fingers that are doing it, it's just a really awesome bonus. Are you ready? Do you think you can handle it?
Yep. That's it. You were probably expecting something... more. But this is it. This is the be all end all of GD finger goodness. The way he adjusts his glasses. It's always with his middle or index finger. Every finger on his hand has to get involved, all bending in strange ways that my own hands are completely unable to do (yes, I have tried), and it's all for the slightest and most delicate push on the bridge of the glasses. Seriously, why Jiyong, why?
Best of all is this is one of those subconscious movements he does... and he does it all the time. Lucky for me. If you watch interviews with him, you'll catch him doing it. The other members of BIGBANG even called him out on it earlier this year... to which he got all shy and tried to deny it. In the 3rd Naver V webcast for the Made Series, so that would be the D webcast, he does it so many freaking times.
Sadly and surprisingly, this is the only picture I could find of him doing this. I searched and searched. I didn't find a single GIF either. How can this be? I can't be the only person on this earth who is obsessed with this particular GD gesture, can I? I guess I'm just a weirdo.
Here is the first 20 minutes of the "D" episode. I counted 12 separate times when GD adjusted his glasses (one was offscreen). This is a really good example of all the cute ways GD uses his hands as he talks. Also, Pillow TOP.
*sees GD on the streets* me:omg can I take a picture!! Him: Sure.. me:oh not you.....your hands♡♡ (jk, jk I would accept the full GD ♡ But i'll be waiting for him to start that hand modeling career....I SUPPORT IT)
Omg lol @Helixx I thought I was the only one who noticed how he fixed his glasses..😂 I've been trying to do it ever since his visit on weekly idol😁 I'm glad there's someone else who understands the feels I get when he fixes his glasses😆
@Maddie27 Finally, someone who understands the language of my people!!! That picture of him adjusting his glasses is the lock screen on my phone. I get to watch him do it all day long.