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Hello Fitness Community! As you know, I am starting all over again with the health and fitness. I began on December 1st. So far, it's going well! I am easing into it.
I started this morning with a parfait with fruit, lemon water, tea, and coffee. I actually need to get some grocery shopping done, because I don't have a lot at the house. My meal planning will be more concrete when I have food actually in the fridge!
Later today I will be purchasing a bike. I am a newb, so if anyone would like to share any bike tips -- please let me know those tips ASAP! The goal is to commute by foot or bike often to get some extra activity in.
This weekend I will also sign up for a gym. Yay! I will most likely follow a powerlifting-focused plan. But I will still be doing accessory workouts along with sprints. The plan is just to keep me on track.
I will also jot down my weight, measurements, ect.

How's December going so far for you? Do you have any updates?

If you've missed it, here's my detailed December goal list!
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Do it! I've been wanting a bike for the longest time. I am stoked about getting one today
I think I will with income tax :)
I went to a bike shop a few hours ago and quickly realized how expensive they are. I may have to go somewhere that sells used bikes @buddyesd
I need some more sleep! That's what I need!
Oh man same here