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A Turkish man is accused of "insulting" the president for creating a comparison "meme" or image between Turkey's president to Lord of the Rings character Gollum.
According to Turkish law insulting a head of state is a punishable offense. The man, named Bilgin Ciftci appeared in court in Turkey on Tuesday. The court is deciding on whether this meme should be considered an "insult" or not.

He could face up to two years in jail for posting these pictures.

Free Speech

Coming an American perspective, I read this story and was absolutely in shock. I myself have created stories an images criticizing and making fun of politicians. Should I have to go to jail?
But then I remembered how important free speech is in my country, and how other governments do not respect that right. I read stories like this and feel they are primitive method of government. But that's just how things are in Turkey.

Welp, hopefully this doesn't become a bad hobbit in Turkey.

If you ask me, this is an issue of free speech and Turkey has no right to put this man in jail. If it wasn't for our right to free speech, we'd all be in big trouble... Isn't that right @danidee?

Be careful where you meme!

Wow. I'd have been locked a long time ago... Dead maybe. Damn.
WTF, that sucks so hard! That was actually a really tame meme!
I just exercised my first amendment 😆
I'm soooooooooo tired of turkey right now...wait...we are talking about the bird right?
I was thinking that too @RaquelArredondo, like wow how lucky am I that I get to have free speech?!
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