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If this isn't true for you then we need to talk!
Who else has gone through this? Goes through this on a daily basis? What is it about getting that text from bae? Your phone's been quiet and then it lights up. There's a text. And your face is covered with smile like you're 6 years old again! You know what I'm talking about, right?!
What's the bestest, sweetest thing your crush text you? (No, photos don't count. LOL)
For real, what is the most awesome text that you got from your baby? Care to share?
Tagging a ton of people from Love Community:
Also, because I know you're all wondering, the font that I used to make this card quote is called "Chasing Embers" from It's totally free to download and you don't have to sign up for anything or give your personal information. Enjoy!
Yes!! I know what you mean, @jordanhamilton @alywoah. For me, it's the normal moments, I think. Him caring about how I am at a random time or sending me something funny when he knows I'm in a bad mood. Those tiny, quiet moments make me feel amazing. Then, the romantic moments are just the cherry on top, something extra. Simple, random "I love you's" are fantastic, too. They make me think that he was thinking about me and just Had to tell me that right then, for no reason whatsoever.
No, I know you weren't trying to be rude lol I prefer a sweetheart in person, so it works out all good.
yes, it does count for something
it just struck me as so funny
I do t mean it to be rude
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