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Can you fall in love with someone you've never met? All of us who religiously follow bands, and lead singers specifically know that to be true.
These dudes are ultra cool, completely over it, a little bit flawed and absolutely perfect for you. I'm sure you're convinced that if you met in real life you'd fall in love immediately right? Well, let's just hope. Yes they're all fabulously talented and good looking, but that's not why we love them.
Ranked in no particular order are 10 lead singers that can melt your heart in an instant.

Alex Gaskarth / All Time Low

Alex has that pretty boy charm, you know, like those guys you used to see in the mall going into Hollister or whatever. He seems really nice and genuine too, which doesn't hurt. He doesn't really appear to have a mean streak or any kind of flaws, other than the fact that his best friend is Jack Barakat. Anyway, I digress. Alex is still totally swoon worthy.

Most Swoon Worthy Track: No Idea

Unrequited love shouldn't happen to him, but it does.

Julian Casablancas / The Strokes

His "IDGAF" attitude paired with the constant wearing of sunglasses and a leather jacket makes him completely irresistible. Even though he might appear to be completely over it while performing, you can't take your eyes off him. That's some NYC spell bull right there.

Most Swoon-Worthy Track: Call Me Back

Because like...who wouldn't.

Brendon Urie / Panic! At The Disco

Aah. Brendon Urie, what can we say about him. He's wickedly talented, innovative and he really doesn't give a fuck. Panic! at The Disco has been through a lot of shit, and he's the only surviving member. That should say something about him, he sticks with things even if they're not working, and he never gives up. Ugh. And that voice. Kill me.

Most Swoon Worthy Track: Always

It's a traditional love song, but damn, who wouldn't want that sung to them.

Billie Joe Armstrong / Green Day

Converse Chuck Taylors, black skinny jeans, striped shirt, jean jacket. Enough said. Billie Joe Armstrong can make you feel like you're the only one at the concert even if you're in an audience of one million. He's a constant showman, and never ever gives up on what he believes in. That's star power right there.

Most Swoonworthy Track: Sweet 16

It's just a cute ode to his wife, no big deal. *tear

Gerard Way / My Chemical Romance

We kind of grew up with Gerard and the rest of MCR. Some of us wanted to be him, and others wanted to be with him, but regardless...Gerard is a sweet, sweet person. He genuinely cares about his fans and is one of those people that would be a ride or die friend to you. That being said, he has the hair of a God and can pretty much rock any look possible. He just looks good all the time. That's all.

Most Swoonworthy Track: Summertime

I'll run away with you Gerard.

Alex Turner / Arctic Monkeys

Alex really grew into his own once the Arctic Monkeys' newest record AM came out. There was a completely different vibe to the band and to him, which didn't surprise fans, because he's been heading toward this more slick image for years. He's got that whole slicked back hair, leather jacket kind of thing happening and we love it. His style takes the best of the rat pack years and makes it completely modern and cool. Please kill us.

Most Swoonworthy Track: R U Mine

YES. For the love of God yes. It's aggressive and forceful, but sometimes that's what you need.

Carl Barat and Pete Doherty / The Libertines

Pete and Carl are just...well, they're everything. Co-lead singers of one of my favorite bands The Libertines, they've always been rock and roll. Messy, classic and constantly transforming Pete and Carl are swoonworthy for different reasons:
Carl for being totally cool and effortlessly classic, taking a page out of Johnny Ramone's book and melding it with London punk creating an "I don't care" attitude that nobody will be able to recreate. .
And Pete, of course, for being the profoundly sensitive, misunderstood prettyboy rock star. Retro and fabulous he is pretty much the closest thing we have to a god-like idol we have today.
Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, these two are incredible.

Carl's most Swoonworthy Track: Boys in the Band

Yes...we will all get whatever out and give it to you.

Pete's most Swoonworthy Track: You're My Waterloo

Oh my god. Please just kill me now.

Patrick Stump / Fall Out Boy

It doesn't matter what the hell he looks like: that voice is everything. It's just a bonus that Patrick Stump is cute as a button and nice as your grandmother. None of that rock and roll debauchery here. He's just a good dude. That might be a minus for some girls (most people think it would be a minus for me, but come on. I can handle a nice guy can't I?) but I think it's a plus!

Most Swoonworthy Track: I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me and You)

Title aside, a pretty sweet track.

Adam Lazarra / Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday is pretty rad still, and honestly most of that is due to the fact that Adam Lazarra is a complete smoke show. I'm sorry, but he's just really good looking. Plus on stage, nothing compares to his mic swinging capability. The man has talent, and more than that he can use his dynamic vocal range to make even the most heartbreaking lyrics sound sweet.

Most Swoonworthy Track: Divine Intervention

I could listen to those dulcet tones for the rest of my life.

Brandon Flowers / The Killers

Come on now, this man has the looks of a movie star. He's classically good looking, which makes it impossible not to watch him on stage. His charisma transcends though, making him one of the most enigmatic front-men around. With a constantly evolving stage presence and look Brandon never repeats himself. Which makes you love him, because he's exciting.

Most Swoonworthy Track: Here With Me

Anyway, if you enjoyed this list, and want some more kooky alternative stuff. Head on over to the Alternative Rock community, make some friends kick some ass, whatever. Keep swooning friends.
We can talk about Jared Leto and this gif another day.
@electica haha yes I have this is the music of my youth here all grownup and looking fine as hell. before kpop took over my life this is what I listened to all day everyday. I've had a crush on almost all these guys when I was younger. @TessStevens No Jared Leto?! Well he could have a card all his own I love him so much still!
Where's Andy Biersack?!!!!!
@KellyOConnor omg if you make a card about Leto PLEASE tag me in it haha
@KellyOConnor kpop is taking over so many people xD
@ElizabethWang Andy Biersack needs to be on this list. He's very very VERY attractive!!!
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