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Snow White with Red Hair

Japanese Name: Akagami no Shirayukihime Japanese Name in Japanese: 赤髪の白雪姫 Date/Year Released:July 6, 2015 Date/Year Ended:September 21, 2015 Epsiode Count: 12


Shirayuki is pretty normal person; except for her eye-catching red hair, which causes her future problems and miracles; don't be mistaken, her hair is not is magical, but it is rare to see someone with red hair(even though there's a characters with blue hair, green hair, and even the second main character has white hair). Shirayuki lived within a kingdom called Tanbarun, until one day the King of Tanbarun, Raji, who is selfish, mean and thinks everything is at his control, orders Shirayuki to become his concubine. Shirayuki does not agree and decides to escape into the neighboring Kingdom Clarines, but before leaving, she cuts off some of her red hair. In Clarine she bumps meets Prince Zen and his two aides. Soon after she passes a test to become the Palaces pharmacist. The story goes on as she finds her place in Clarines and take on her duties as court pharmacist.

Review 8/10

When you know me well enough, you'll know I am not that interested in love or shoujo's animes or manga even though I am a girl myself, I am more interested in Horrors, tragedies, action, adventure and in some occasions yaoi. But even being a love story this is one of my most favorite and high rated anime(and manga) in my opinion. I became interested in this Anime because Snow White is a folktale/fairytale know widespread through America, and it interested me that someone would make a manga/anime based on primarily American/European/German Fairytale, and they did, even if it is changed and adapted, and the adaptations of the mangaka are excellent, probably better then the original Snow White Story. But moving on to the actual story, it's starts out with the cliche of-everyone-is-likes-and-is-obsessed-in-the-main-charater-cause-she-is-nice-and-beautiful. Which even if is a little cliche you hardy notice it since you become so entertained in the content. Plus for those who love to see woman power, then you've found the anime you've been looking for. Shirayuki herself, tells the prince that she wants to become successful herself, and without the help that his popularity in the kingdom may cause. Plus Prince Zen himself isn't the prefect prince you would see in a fairytale, he is pretty childish, and sometimes acts below his age to avoid the weight of being a prince since he doesn't even want to be a prince. He also has a dark past that will reveal more why he doesn't want to be a prince and why it is hard for him to really put his trust in someone. This is good content anyone could binge watch while waiting for Season 2 his winter season. I will not write a season 2 review until after the season 2 is over :) Now if you want me to review an anime or manga comment below the name; I will only review the Manga series/animes that I have read/seen, but I may watch a anime you request depending on the episode count. Also this may not be my finalized review, I slowly change, edit and reinforce my reviews every now and then.
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