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JYP embarrassed himself and his entire company - won best male artist and will now probably never retire BTS and Got7 slayed the dancefloor The Rookie awards proved, that with the right TV show you indeed CAN buy fame Big Bang didn’t win as much as anticipated but still more than that album deserved Our lord and saviour Park Bom returned to the stage and 2NE1 killed it in a surprise peformance Big Bang and San E battled for the trophy of most awful hair The young audience had no clue who the Pet Shop Boys are The Pet Shop Boys in turn had no idea whom they were performing with  (let’s give it up for XF!)  Hyuna won and performed Ailee, Red Velvet and Twice won and didn’t get to perform, meanwhile JYP and Ikon performed 3 songs each Exo and Big Bang divided the big awards between them  Big Bang recycled Taeyangs old Eyes Nose Lips set from last year Exo had fun on stage and ppl complained, bc apparently only Big Bang is allowed to do that Jolin Tsai was there ans was better than anybody else Psy did the same as Jolin, but his background dancers were not quite as interesting Taemin almost landed on his butt boygroup outfits were overall questionable GD didn’t change his hair during the show but somehow managed to upgrade his wardrobe with an even uglier shirt in the end oh, and Seungri spent a verse of BaeBae on Sehun’s lap, cradeling his head while Lay had an aneurysm next to them thats the gist of it. (Credit for this post is from Tumblr:
PS and BTS won World Performer. So Proud!
😂😂😂 @Ligaya @gabbylu13
"Our lord and saviour Park Bom" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA