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(If You wanna hop in on the game start >here<) So our game will be over soon, so i asked you guys on who you would like to play a game with next and here are the choices for far: Got7 BTS Infinite (You can choose another Band if you want) But let me now so i can start making the New game :) . . . New Game New Script New Baes for YOU It's a Win, Win situation
But that's all for another time let's get back to business....


. . . Who's your Soul Mate?
Yesterday i gave you a choice and i let you pick between your remaining Members.... But some of you smelt something "Fishy" ( @catchyacrayon @heidichiesa @Helixx <<i'm looking at you guys) . . . And your prediction was......well you'll have to read on to find out . . (Read the part labeled with your chosen partners name on it)


You get a phone call and lift your phone up to see it's Daesung. You answer it and his voice is shaky and panicked. "Y/N...Y/N...please please meet with me now i need to see you." After that he hangs up and your left flustered but you waste no time in rushing out the door. You were running aimlessly, because Daesung hadn't given you a place that he'd wanted to meet, but you remembered how he had always talked about this small place were he'd liked to go alot as a child. You remembered the small pond he used to go to and ran there. Once you arrived, Daesung was no where to be found you looked in the cabin and out in the woods but couldn't find him. You finally came to a halt when you reached the pond. You sat their and began to cry before you felt a warm embrace. "Don't do that- please don't cry" a soft voice whispers in your ear. "You look much better when your happy, dont cry. Not because of me". You turn around to hug Daesung back. "Why...why did you hide from me" you ask breaking the hug and the silence that had been momentarily before. Daesung looks away from you face and a single tear falls and hits the wooden boards making the bridge. "This- this might be the last time". You wipe away his tear and question him. "Y/N, this might be the last time, we see each other for awhile." You push him away "why, what do you mean this is the last time?". Daesung stands up and his voice softens "Y/N Let's Not Fall In Love"


You arrive at Taeyang's home like you and he had planned the night before. You go to knock on the door but you realize it's open and decide to let yourself in. "Taeyang, Taeyang Oppa!!" you call through the home but you receive no replay with decide to made you way upstairs but still you see no sign of Taeyang. Finally as you begin to give up on you efforts to find him you walk through one last corridor and find a letter sitting on the floor next to key. You pick them up and read the letter. "Y/N this key is universal it opens my car, my house, my studio, and many other things. This key is one many people want but only few can acquire. But still this key is useless... it still fails to open the one thing you wanted to most but i can't give. Y/N my heart...I managed to open yours but i am still selfish and can't return your love. But still it think it's better this way. I could never be good enough for you,so i think, you should be with someone better, someone who will care for you in the way i can't. Y/N Let's Not Fall In Love"

G- Dragon:

Your at the airport and the announcement that his fight will be taking off in 5 minutes has just been broadcasted. "So this is it... i guess i'll never see you again" Jiyong says. "Yea i guess this the end" you chuckle before suddenly getting hit with a tight squeeze. "Don't...don't ever say that again" Jiyong breaks the hug with tears brimming at his eyes. "Please don't think of this as the end,i'll come back okay so wait for me." Last call for **** flight" the loudspeaker booms. G-Dragon grabs his bag and begins to walk away before looking back. "Y/N i'll be back but for now.... Let's Not Fall In Love"


Your in Paris when you get a text from TOP asking you to meet him at a local restaurant. .When you arrive at the open roof top venue. You see TOP and you can tell that he'd been drinking. You greet each other before you take your seat and the waitress arrives at you table. The waitress sets your table and takes your order. You give her your dinner plans before she looks to TOP to take his order. "Et vous Monsieur... monsieur?" TOP is caught in a trance staring at you. "Oppa....TOP?...Seunghyun!!" With that he's broken from his trance and gives the woman his order. "Merci beaccoup" she responses before walking away. "Y/N" he calls you stop playing with you drink in look at him. "Y/N... I.. please enjoy yourself tonight" . You nod your head in agreement and the table is left silent until the food comes out. "Monsieur would you like a another? Monsieur?" TOP's trance is broken once again and the women give him another bottle of wine. Seunghyun takes a shot straight from the bottle before turning to look at you. "What's wrong i told you to enjoy yourself". You break eye contact with him and say "I am-". "Don't lie to me" he cuts you off getting angry. "Please dont lie to me i want to remember you perfectly" he slurs. "TOP oppa I-" He cuts you off again "Ahhh actually f*ck you". You scoff "Excuse me?". "F*ck you i really can't deal with this!!". "With what exactly, you're the one who asked me to come here!!". "That's more like it" he says. "More like what exactly!?!" you question. "Thats right yell at me!!". "Seughyun you're not making any sense!!". "It doesn't matter" TOP says. "What? what doesn't matter?". "Y/N this whole thing is ridiculous i have to get over it!!". " TOP oppa please tell me what it's is i can hel-". "No you can't you're the problem!! Y/N i can't continue to go on like this. It hurts" TOP's expression changes and his voice softens. "Y/N let's not do this Let's Not Fall In Love"


It's the middle of the night and you hear loud poundings on your door. You huff and jump out of bed before going down stairs. As you reach the bottom of the steps you see your door has been flung open and become worried and go back upstairs to try to hide. You fail at finding a hiding spot when you see a figure and the end of the hall. "Y/N" it cries. Before you know it the figure has grabbed you and his holding you tightly at his chest. It's Seungri."Y/N' he says. "My god Seungri don't scare me like that!" you say breaking the hug. "I'm really sorry Y/N but i had to see you this might be that last time i ever see you again". He kisses you forehead "Im sorry Y/N but Let's Not Fall In Love".
So at this point you should have ONE MEMBER LEFT . . . And . . . This is . .


"But what happened to Us then!!" Well that's simple yesterday i had you comment what member's

story you wanted to read first!!!

. . . I'm a troll i know ~(^.^)~ but i love to troll you guys :D (I can't believe you guys accused me of trickery, I would "Never".....well I wouldn't make it that simple anyway lol) Love U♡♡
"I hate you (-_-)" I Love you guys too <3 :D . . (If it makes you feel better i actually had to write this card 3 times because at first it didn't save, then i thought i deleted it, but then i rewrote it before finding it in my drafts XD Lol)
"Then where's my soul mate at then, what happened to the game!!" . . Well tomorrow there will be a card and on that card....i will ask you a FINAL question and depending on how you answer that question will determine your "Baebae"
Since there will only be 2 more cards for this game (Question and Results) . . Who should be the stars of our next game? . . [For updates on the game Follow my "Let's Not Fall In Love" collection]
IF YOUUUUUUUUUUU trick me with the next set then things may get ugly😭
Ugh! I knew something wasn't right! Why didn't I stick to my intuition? BTW.... I love you too. 😁 Hmm, how about BTS for the new game. (P.S- Just pick a band, I'll play it no matter what)
Oh what the fk As I was reading I was all "Ah he's gonna give me the key to his heart" Then NOPE crushed absolutely crushed Let's go with Monsta X though
And I see that bts and got7 are already on the list, so maybe iKON too :)
@VeronicaArtino Okay, together we shall be overlords!!! We'll start at dawn!! *Evil laugh* XD
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