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Kpop convert?
So...I had a friend over today...
had my usual Kpop playing, watched a few music videos/stages (BTS Run comeback stage at MAMAs, B.A.P Young, Wild, and Free to name a couple). before she left she mentioned wanting to get more BTS to listen to. I didn't have enough time to copy my own music files, cuz she had to leave n I have work tonight, and I couldn't find my blasted flash drive! Once I find it though...let the copying commence. I may give her a bit more than just BTS though. SHINee, Big Bang, and GOT7 just may 'happen' to find their way on there.
I think I have a convert, folks!
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ifires baby😂😂😄😄
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O.O I feel so loved! first card to get so many likes and comments! I think it took me almost twenty minutes to read them all, and yes I read EACH AND EVERY ONE! a few shoutouts, though, in response to some of them. @GauhuaYang infires...hehe...yep. BTS and Suga infires us all @petname83 brainwashed, enlightened, converted...doesn't it all mean the same thing? @CNY872 yeah, I know where you're coming from. I didn't have anyone to really share with until a few months ago. Don't give up, though! I found my first local kpop fan through sheer chance! @sarcasticme101 why? cuz I can. @bangtanella playing again? nope, still. @YunBao good job! the more the merrier. @Mcloven welcome to the world of Kpop...we have Kookie. @JungSungHyo you haven't failed, this was my first Kpop conversion. @Evalise I am slowly working on another friend, a bestie. Saw her the other day, and she even said she had missed hearing Kpop! she even added the Kpop genre station to her pandora. Now to find out if she listens to it even when I'm not around. @GossamoKewen95 nope, absolutely no regrets. @robertakm64 B2ST; heard and check! will do! I got their albums. even if I didn't tag you, I did read your comment! thank you everyone!
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@DominiqueThomas yup!! my mom everybody!
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my whole entire family
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Best feeling in the world when someone actually enjoys the music you listen too! I try to convert all my friends. haha
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