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Kpop convert?
So...I had a friend over today...
had my usual Kpop playing, watched a few music videos/stages (BTS Run comeback stage at MAMAs, B.A.P Young, Wild, and Free to name a couple). before she left she mentioned wanting to get more BTS to listen to. I didn't have enough time to copy my own music files, cuz she had to leave n I have work tonight, and I couldn't find my blasted flash drive! Once I find it though...let the copying commence. I may give her a bit more than just BTS though. SHINee, Big Bang, and GOT7 just may 'happen' to find their way on there.
I think I have a convert, folks!
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@NadiaDarlington that is true
2 years agoReply
sorry my apologies that is true not all men are like celebs in kpop bands @NadiaDarlington
2 years agoReply
i got cha
2 years agoReply
so many comments im too lazy to read whats going on lol
2 years agoReply
@GDsGF i did read them all!!! 馃槄 but it is my card so... so what's going on? i got a friend into kpop...that about sums it up. all the comments are saying yay! (for the most part)
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