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Sometimes it feels like the show wants us to.

Does anyone else feel like, despite all of the things he's done, the show has been building up sympathy for Ward? Especially this week [spoilers], with the parallels he drew between himself and Coulson, the grief he still feels for Kara, and the perspective Daisy gave us about his childhood... they're definitely not saying he's a good guy, but are they trying to make us feel bad for him?

"Just because you grow up in a family of abusive monsters doesn’t mean you have to become one."

This line from Thomas is really excellent- saying that while we might understand where Ward is coming from, nothing excuses his actions. Then again, Ward and Coulson are a lot alike. Right now Coulson is being driven by rage over the murder of Roz, it's strongly implied that he's prepared to kill an innocent person to get to Ward, and even though Ward is a threat to S.H.E.I.E.L.D. it seems like Coulson is prioritizing his personal vendetta even though Hydra itself is up to some pretty bad news stuff.
The show, I believe has been toying on the concept of what it is to be human. In a world where monsters are becoming more real everyday it's still trying to show you that humans still possess the greatest potential for 'Evil'.
@shannonl5 I'm not up to date with agents of sheild but I know for a fact Tht if u have a bad past it's not easy to move on from at all and all ward was doing from the being was staying loyal to the person who helped him with his struggles.(I dnt remember his name) but all ward was doing was helping someone who helped him.. Tht guy ended up dying so he took over the whole company I think. Everything he was doing was for Tht guy who helped him with his struggles
@shannonl5 with that thought patten it starts to give perspective to CA Civil War.
@PrinceCampbell @JustinMims21 those are really good points! It's interesting because you know, team shield is always saying "we're the good guys", but it feels like the show is making it more ambiguous than that
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