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So I'm going to talk about the importance of grammar and mistakes in your writing. Now I'm not saying you have to look at your writing 80 times or anything, because if you have friends that are English majors I'm sure if you're respectful and ask them politely to edit and find corrections in your papers they will gladly do so. Word of advice though. You have to remember that other people's lives do not revolve around your writing (especially if your not paying them.) and it's really, to put bluntly, annoying to be constantly asked. Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Are you done yet? There's nothing wrong with politely asking in a REASONABLE amount of time "hey have you had time to be able to edit the story line I've sent you?" Same with writing partners.....don't constantly ask Are you done Are you done Are you done? Because writing takes time, and wouldn't you rather someone take their time and write something amazing than being rushed and writing something really sloppy? Grammar is important in writing. If it's a very intense scene and all of a sudden it reads "And then he leaned in and gave her a small kick on her cheek." Now we might be able to understand what you were trying to say, but it will surely interrupt the flow of the scene to the point of having to rethink if you even meant for that word to be there.
Hahahaha that's a PERFECT strategy. Wow, I would shudder to look at some of my old stuff... XD
I hope so too! @AlloBaber when I get sad about my writing I just tell myself I'm still better than how I use to write in sixth grade XD
@KiraHitomi Exactly. ^_^ We would never improve if we never accepted criticism! I've been getting a lot better myself lately about taking feedback and criticism in stride. My defensiveness has slowly eroded as I've gotten older haha. I hope it only continues to do so :)
Well sometimes you can't use perfect grammar in dialogue because you're trying to portray a certain way that someone speaks. So sometimes it depends what you're writing. You know? And Thankyou! I've had people that have been a lot harsher and I still have to smile because I know that they might not be the only person who thinks that. It might hurt, but you just have to get past the defensive feeling for your writings sake ^_^
Thankyou! I went through and found he more mistakes! I'm really bad at grammar actually, but I have a friend who edits for me, but sometimes I have to be a big girl and do it myself. So their might be some mistakes! Let me know if you see anymore ;)
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