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Is anyone else like in love with Ryuk? No....? Either way, Ryuk is by far one of my favorite anime characters. His sinister, hissing, laugh is what made me continue to watch the show. Has been one of my favorites since. He is so indifferent to the human world and makes it quite obvious, he uses them merely for entertainment. If you check out this link, and read about what some Japanese religions believe as to how shinigamis effect humans, Ryuk is a close match. Making them want to do evil things they wouldn't do otherwise, solely with his presence. I love Ryuk's character, he is just so badass. These are my opinions, let me know your first impressions of Ryuk, or any other comment you might have. XoXo
OoOh, a real shinigami! Greetings!
And your best friends with Ryuk-san now, eh? Haha
I am Shinigami-san. I was Light in a past life. But now I am just a Shinigami with a grudge against L.
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