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I listen to music every night when I'm asleep. I had a BIGBANG heavy Kpop mix on last night. At one point I dreamed I was sitting on the floor next to my bed, listening to "Loser" by BIGBANG. After a moment I heard little voices behind me singing along, in perfect Korean.
I turned to see who was singing and up on the bed were two of my cats; Boomer and Apollo, singing the song. They had perfect pronunciation and diction. It was super trippy. I honestly don't rememeber anything else about it, Just being really confused and amazed. For some reason, I really needed to share this with you all. No one else will understand.
Sorry the pics are blurry. They are cell phone pics and Vingle doesn't like them.
Bonus points for anyone who can correctly guess which Fandom my cats names are from. Yes, my nerd colors are showing.
Boomer's selfie game is too strong xD
Okay I am sort of dying hahahahah I want your cats to release a full Big Bang cover album. I would pay serious $$$$$$$
@Kpopandkimchi I have six cats so I could make a Kpop group out of them. I would be so rich!... I mean the cats would be so rich! @catchacrayon Haha, yes it is. She's a show off.