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This is a great project for your kids to do on a weekend or snow day and it is a cute way to decorate your living space with a unique craft. This DIY tutorial comes from Buggy and Buddy.


For this project, you will need:
-- Cardstock (you can also use a cereal box)
-- Scissors
-- Pencil
-- Cotton balls
-- Colored chalk
-- Black construction paper
-- Silver permanent marker
You can find these items at a craft store.

Draw the lightbulb on the cardstock

Fold the cardstock in half. Then, use the pencil to draw one half of the lightbulb, as shown in the picture above.

Cut out the lightbulb

Use the scissors to cut out the lightbulb cardstock. Place the cardstock on the black construction paper.

Draw the lightbulbs

After you have places the cardstock lightbulb on the black construction paper, trace around the cardstock with a piece of chalk. Make sure the traced line is very thick. Then, take a cotton ball and swipe the chalk away from the center of the lightbulb, while keeping the cardstock on the black construction paper. Repeat these steps with different colors to make the other lights. Then, draw the string for the lights with the silver permanent marker.

Hang up this unique artwork in your living space and enjoy!

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This is a visual delight! :-)