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The godfather of modern comics probably knows a thing or two.

This week we ended up discussing about Stan Lee and how awesome he is (thanks @sammsosa for reminding us) so: If you could ask the godfather of modern comics anything, what would you want to know? Personally, I'd like to hear any scandalous 1940s gossip he might still have up his sleeve, but maybe that's just me!

Fire away Marvelers!

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Haha now that I'm thinking of it I'd ask him if he's the Watcher in the movies XD
@shannonl5 I'm a Stan Lee fan boy, but, Steve Ditko is old broke and sad. Jack Kirby had an axe to grind till he died. But Stan Lee always had and has a smile on his face. So I would want to ask him who really created what.
@TerrellHenry oooooh! See this is the gossip I was talking about. I'd be dying to know. There was also a rumor that they borrowed Spider-Man's suit design from a costuming company in Brooklyn and didn't credit them but I think that was also resolved behind closed doors
I'd ask Stan what he liked about Bob Kane best and if they ever argued about what comics were, are or should be.
@kneelb4zod oh my goodness YES! I would love to hear the answer to that