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@mattrodss but couldn't gajeel eat his headband or his weapon? even possibly hidans necklace? hidan is a one trick pony and without kakazu he can't get his limbs reatached.
I think Gajeel would win, because of his iron Shadow Dragon mode, you can't kill a Shadow with a scythe, even if it has three blades
I say gajeel since his skin can turn to steel meaning hidan can't get blood. also yeas hidan can die from lack of nutrition since he died in naruto through no water or food. so all gajeel has to do is harden his skin and dismember hidan then play the waiting game (≧∇≦)/
Hidan. I mean, he's immortal, and if he got just a little blood, Gajeel would be dead. Which sucks, cause I like Gajeel better than Hidan
actually he died because since you didn't read the past mentions of it and you can't remember.... in order to be reanimated you have to be dead and Kabuto reanimated Hidan so yeah he was killed from basically starving to death..... so many people argue and sound like they never watched the show with their logic iv'e noticed and not just with Naruto but fairy tail and others aswell.
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