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Aint nobody got time for extensive decorations in college. Plus if you go too hard you'll be in for a surprising fine from your RA. Don't poke holes or cause any damage. Here's your fool-proof guide to making your dorm festive and awesome without wreaking havoc. You're welcome.

1. Christmas Lights

You may already have these in your dorm room, but if you need more, add more. They're super inexpensive and you can purchase them at your local Target or Wal Mart. Buy some strands and string them up using thumb tacks, these are small enough that you won't blow a bunch of holes in your walls. Trust me, nobody will know. And if you love the look...just leave them up all year.

2. Garland

Okay, this you can basically throw on top of whatever. Keep this ish away from the christmas lights don't want to start a fire. A really cute idea is to throw this stuff around your door frame and create kind of an archway. Yes, this is someone's house, but you can use the same principle for your dorm. It's cheap and easy. And you can just tape it! No mess, no damage.

3. Ornaments and a Miniature Tree

I mean, if you are going to go balls to the wall Christmas, you should have a little tree. If not for your room, then for the common areas. You can get a little tree just about anywhere. Dress it up with ornaments and garlands, and break off a little piece of Christmas for yourself!

4. Christmas Tree Door Tags

All you have to do is get a piece of green construction paper, and cut out a little tree. Put you and your roommates initials or full names on them, and slap them on your dorm door with a tape loop attached to the back. Simple as that!

5. Skip the tree altogether and opt for a light tree.

This is a totally DIY way to get some Christmas cheer in your dorm room. Its so simple that anyone can do it. Yes. Even you. All you have to do is get a strand of Christmas lights and some thumbtacks. Shape the tree, with the lights and pin the thumbtacks into place as you go. And wallah! You've got an amazing decoration that took almost no effort.
And there you have it! I hope you're looking forward to an awesome Christmas season. Share the spirit at school, and use these tricks if you don't want to destroy your room.
Ok, toodles!
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I'm definitely trying these, but for my own room XD