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Happy birthday to Jin!!! Our lovely mom has grown up another year!!!!! I hope he has many more wonderful years to come!!! 기쁨가득한날을 보냈으면 좋겠어요. 많이사랑해요. 건강하고 많이쉬세요. I hope I got that right....took me a long time trying to get the wording right!!! @kpopandkimchi Also the vase and cherry blossoms were done by it took a whole month to complete the vase!!!! I don't know how to make origami roses! ^~^ @destiny1419 @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku @Emealia @krin ....cant remember anyone feel free to tag!!!!
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BEAUTIFUL vase!!! I'm sure it took you forever but it's definitely worth it!! Good job!!! Happy birthday to mama Jin!!!
Good job on the vase it is beautiful :) And Happy Birthday Jin. I'll be posting a drawing of Princess Jin when I get it finished
@krin @destiny1419 Thank you both so much and I cant wait to see the drawing heh^~^
I'll post some jin gif spam when I get home
OMG THATS SO PRETTY! and 기쁨가득한날을 보냈으면 좋겠어요. 많이사랑해요. 건강하고 많이쉬세요. ---> You could also say 행복한 시간을 (happy time, instead of a glad day^^) but that totally makes sense!!!