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So we all know the famous Merc with a Mouth is nigh unbeatable. If nothing else, he'll just let the enemy beat on him until they get tired and then kill them. The question is, who would be the biggest challenges for Mr. Wilson? I'm saying Aizen, Alucard, and Madara after being absorbed by Obito. Thoughts? Anyone think that an anime character could actually somehow kill DP?
@OtakuDemon10 not familiar with Doctor Who. But DP and Thanos were in love with the same woman (who, coincidentally, is literally Death). Death loved Deadpool more, so Thanos, in a jealous rage, cursed Deadpool with eternal life.
Deadpools healing factor is way better than Wolverine's and Wolverine survived being ripped apart by the hulk
sorry anime deadpool wins
@OtakuDemon10 right. Now if it were a battle of wits, L or Light, or even *shudders* Luffy, would probably win
plus deadpool was cursed by thanos to be immortal to keep him from lady death
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