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so I got bored in art and I painted this on my arm. I sent these pics in a group chat and apperently some of the people got nauseous. ...so I am sorry if this does make you nauseous. if it does please tell me! and I will delete this card. Thankyou.
I was listening to BTS' new album and I ended up making these wound-like-things on my arm. They were suppose to look real but sadly they don't.
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they look real enough to make me mildly uncomfortable, good work though!
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@nerdy3000 @shannonl5 @marisamusic @kpopandkimchi @LenaBlackRose @sanRico @Mightmuffin @TaehyungKey @humairaa @KellyOConnor Haha thanks guys ~ I was aiming for realistic! I love SFX make-up but I am not that good at it.. so this is my first step to learning it I guess~^^
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@Rhia practice makes perfect! and you're already pretty dang good as this attempt was just playing around you said? so keep at it you'll get even better!
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@Rhia sure thing ^_^ and @KellyOConnor is right practice makes perfect. Have fun with it, try new things, see what happens!
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that's look pretty cool :)
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