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So I posted a card asking if anyone heard about bighit prohibiting bts from communicating with fans... etc

Well there's GOOD NEWS!!!!

Okay okay I will get to it... I've come to understand that that news is a rumour and there is NOT any substantial evidence to prove that Bighit did that to BTS
Yeah I know I know ... Whew! Here's a link of another card that talked about the same issue ... please read and tell any army who you think believes that story and also do not sign any petitions because that news (*so called prohibiting*) is not confirmed http://www.vingle.net/posts/1252178 via @vinglenet
Haha bye... I know I just had to add that pic at the end... .. let's give it up for everyone whose heart melt and had all the feels when they saw that pic
Great newssss!!!!!
I saw the posts, but didn't sign any petitions because I hadn't seen anything anywhere else about this. Now I'm glad I stepped back and went 'somethng doesn't seem right here'